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If you are looking to open a restaurant, you probably know that location matters a great deal. There is one particular strategy in deciding where to drop the anchor that you should entertain. There is a staggering amount of underserved standalone business buildings and whole business parks, with no restaurant within the walking distance.

Meanwhile, those companies that have on-site cafeterias often outsource them to large corporate catering outfits (I am not naming them here), which provide uninspiring, mediocre and, frankly, expensive for what you get for your money, chow. So, a great many people at such locations are desperate to get away from this and their lunch boxes.

There are always business meetings with vendors and clients, as well as birthdays, service anniversaries and other occasions. If you can identify such businesses and find a location nearby, I think you will do very well at lunch time. If you can get the dinner and weekend crowd through other sources, you are laughing.

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