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Losing is not pleasant, especially if you are not used to it. How did it happen? What did go wrong? How is it possible?

Losing is daunting, heartbreaking, horrible. You are not the best at it, despite what your mother or spouse told you. How can one carry on?!

Oh, pleeeeeaaase! Get over it.

The very best of us are not immune to setbacks every now and then. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. You can make a mistake, your employee can make a mistake, your client can make a mistake or any other living soul close enough to¬† you can make a mistake. You are also bound to meet reprobates, thieves, liers, egotists and others you’d rather never know.

However painful, get over it. Jay Leno, a brilliant comedian in my books, has just had his new show cancelled. Did his famous chin quiver as he tried to hold back tears? Nah, he laughed it off. Nothing he coulc do, nothing to do with his performance.

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Cola was a flop. Guess what, he didn’t get into bouts of self-pity, nor did he blame anyone for it.

I think that two key points are important. On the one hand, you should always learn from your setbacks, figuring out what went wrong. On the other hand, you should never dwell on them. Move on. Live your live,

Sometimes, things don’t work out. Don’t take it personally.

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