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Cooking seems to be a popular hobby these days, in which many men and women partake. Specialty stores are doing quite well and there is an increasing number of TV shows (on its own Food TV channel in Canada and US). Bookstores carry an inordinate amount of literature on every imaginable aspect of food preparation.

Here is the question: why is a vocation considered a chore for centuries has become a popular avocation in the past 30 or so years?

I think that cooking has become popular for the following reasons:

  • the barriers to entry are very low
  • it’s a life skill that most learn to some extent anyway, as our lifestyles now dictate (college life, earlier starting to live on one’s own, etc)
  • perception of cooking as  “a woman’s job” is gone
  • access to information on cuisines of other cultures have expanded the possibilities
  • it is easier than ever to cook with gas and electric stoves, dishwashers, running water and modern tools and appliances
  • cooking produces tangible results, quickly
  • food has become more than nourishment, it is also an entertainment
  • perception by others is positive, it is not a hobby you’d want to hide.

If you find that your employees find a particular activity a chore, be it annual budgeting or sales forecasting, I challenge you to find ways to make it appealing, much like the cooking has been transformed into a choice pastime of many.

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