Few (if any) individuals and organizations are successful all of the time. Apple III was a massive flop, while the preceding Apple II (about 6 million sold). Jack Welch’s a remarkable manager but Kidder Peabody acquisition was a serious mistake. Also, GE was implicated in a number of bribing scandals during his time at the helm.

Anyone can make a mistake, suffer a setback, fail. What seems to distinguish a longterm success from all others is the abiilty to shake off the dust and recover, often reinventing completely itself.

If you or your organization is to suffer a setback, will you be able to recover? If you are a leader, will you be able to instigate the rebirth?

Today, after one of the worst financial crises in decades, many organizations find themselves beaten up, exhausted and standing near the abyss. The best will regroup and go on. Others won’t.

Success is not forever.