I guess you’ve heard it thousands of times. We have no time for this. We are stretched. We are busy. We are doing more with less. We are in a survival mode.

Give me a break. There is no such thing as “no time”. It is merely a matter of getting your priorities straight. If you don’t have the time for something, you either don’t want it or are afraid of it or just don’t think it’s important enough.

I spoke to a consultant yesterday who needed an advice on setting vision, mission and values for a shared services organization. I was happy to provide an advice to a colleague, since I have been known to get this objective accomplished in just 45 minutes.  As I was outlining the process for her, I suggested a half-day group meeting with the organization’s top officers.

My colleague told me that she was told upfront that such a meeting would not be possible due to the fact that these people are too busy.

This is an incredibly pathetic excuse and a sign of a lost organization desperately needing help. If the management cannot set aside half a day to work on what very well may be the most important thing, the guiding framework of their organization, they either don’t see it as a priority (incompetence, should be dismissed for this reason) or oppose the change (sabotaging decisions of their superior, should be dismissed for this reason).

There is no such thing as “no time.” Get your priorities right and you will find time. I promise.