I was looking for a quote for an upcoming article on the art of growing winning teams when it occured to me that the famous “no man is an island” was probably the most befitting. I wanted to make sure that I get the source right and found that it was said by John Donne, an English poet and an Anglican priest,  a Dean of St Paul’s cathedral.

p1John Donne lived from 1572 to 1631.

He was known for his passionate sermons and the use of methafores. In fact, you will recognize one after reading the following passage of his:

“Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that.”

Yes, “for whom the bell tolls”, which became the title of the famous novel by Hemingway and of a Metallica song, wa also coined by John Donne.

Did you know?