Here is a good example of leadership found today in a professional organization.

Lakeshore Chapter of the Project Management Institute, held its annual symposium on June 6, 2009. Despite the perceived economic hardship, persistent marketing efforts ensured turnout of some 300 participants. The event was held at a brand new facility with all amenities one would expect. Takeouts for participants and speakers were of high quality and so was the catering. It was the way a professional development event should be: high quality, a lot of value for the members, and memorable. My congratulations to those who made it happed.

I spoke there on successful communication with executives as the first session following the keynote. The room became packed quickly and there were people sitting on the floor and standing in the back (do I have a following?). It was a success and, as some later suggested, a highlight of the day. For me, such opportunities are always an uplifting experience. It feels good to share, educate and empower, to give back to the profession.