Leadership is about doing right things, according to Peter Drucker, and no one has defined it better than him.

I encounter situations where the “right things” are known well, yet the person responsible for “doing” them cannot bring him- or herself to taking the high road.

“We don’t do it like this around here, it is not in our culture”

“Our people are not accustomed to this approach”

“It is difficult and might hurt us”

“We cannot do this because we have never done anything like this before”

“There will be resistance”

You get the drift. All sorts of reasons, mostly historical and cultural are pulled out by weak “leaders” to justify inaction and suboptimal decisions. Real leaders (note, no quotation marks) choose to do right things and don’t look for lame excuses.  And the high road is the only road.

Today, the Speaker of the British House of Commons, Michael Martin, resigned after repeated calls from all political parties to step down.

Martin is the first Speaker to be ousted since 1695 (yes, in over 300 years). 

If the British House of Commons can break 300 odd years of protocol and do the right thing, why can’t you ?