A couple of days ago I heard an opinion that crime drama, such as the CSI series, influences thinking of jurors. It’s portraying of detectives enjoying unhindered access to sophisticated technology and every imaginable kind of data gives rise to unrealistic expectations and skews the decision making process. Jurors are now more likely to value scientific evidence or its absence than warranted.

This sounds plausible. I wonder if the medical drama provides for a similar kind of influence with respect to health care services. You know what I mean if you watch Hugh Laurie’s brilliant character perform his magic on House. A team of highly knowledgeable medical doctors with immediate access to state of the art technology work on one patient at a time, effortlessly administering most sophisticated tests.  It’s fascinating.

The reality is quite different, no matter where in the world you reside. If you are a House afficionado, your expectations of the timeliness and quality of health care just might be quite removed from the reality.

“Who needs med school when you have Wi-Fi?” — Dr. House