I proclaim today to be an official twilight zone day.

Reason #1Nortel seeks approval to pay retention bonuses to the tune of $23 million to a group of execs and gets it. This is after going into bankruptcy protection in January and laying off 1,100 people who were denied their severance payments.

I don’t care if they are entitled to it or even deserve it. This is piggery, plain and simple.  Shame.

Reason #2 – On Dec 4, 2008 ago I send a fax to Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). This was the only way to contact them on the issue I was seeking a clarification on. Today,  March 20, 2009, I received a letter from them acknowledging my enquiry (3.5 months later) and advising that they are unable to respond at this time, but will try their best to do so as soon as they can.

This is why a government cannot run a business.