The other day, in a conversation with a friend, I mentioned my recent visit to a restaurant in the area. “What a horrible place,” she said, “why would you go there?”

I was taken aback because I had enjoyed the lunch and thought it was a nice place for a casual meal. Meanwhile, my friend went on: “And the decor… those green seats were just nasty…”

“Hold on, ” I interjected, “when did you eat there last time?”

“Well, just …. hmm, it must have been five or six years ago.”

I have observed that people often tend to rely on obsolete information and their recollections that are no longer fresh, especially in respect to people they have previosly met, worked or studied with before.  Earlier today I received a call from my former staff member, who I remember as a junior developer. Today, he is an architect in charge of several projects and people.  In my mind, he is just a young kid, yet in reality, just like me, he’s grown up and moved on.

One has to be on guard with these things: people evolve, start new interests, grow professionally and change vocations. If you do the same thing today as 10 years ago, it does not mean that everybody else has chosen to stay put.